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Cornell Note Taking:
Video Tutorial:
Cornell Notes Rubric is at
See Cornell note paper file to download at the bottom of this webpage. (Called Class Notes.docx)

Writing Rubrics
LUHS Informative/Expository/ Cornell Notes/ Summary Rubrics: See added files at the bottom of this page.
Transition words link:

Middle School Math Resources: McKinley Math (McDougal Littell Math Course)
High School: Read Like a Historian (Disciplinary Literacy- Soc. St.)
Middle/H.S. Vocabulary:
Writing/Reading Graphic Organizers:

Literature Study Guides:
Anne Frank:

Science Links:
Social Studies Links:
State Abbreviation Game:
Math Links:
Problem Solving Thinking Blocks:
Money Games and Coloring Sheets:

Reading Links:
Words Highlighed as You Read:
How to Eat Fried Worms Study Guide:
Magickeys Read Aloud:
Robert Munsch Books Read Aloud:
We Give Books Read Aloud:
Online Quizzes for Prizes:

Free ebooks:
Free books from NASA :
Bestsellers ebooks:
 Free ebooks and documents
Some more free ebooks:
More Free ebooks:
And even more ebooks:
Calibre ebooks :
Books should be free:
Kindle Lends:

National Wildlife Fund:
Writing Links:
Spelling Links:
More Spelling Practice:
Kid Friendly Search Engines:
Powered by Google:
Family Friendly:
Warm Up:
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